What we do

Golf, Yoga & Meditation, healthy food, nature and tranquillity, all to slow down our busy life...

Extraordinary golf

GolfAir Travel offers extraordinary golf retreats combined with health and wellbeing workshops, green cuisine and physical activity. Surrounded by the unspoiled nature and beautiful landscapes you will have a chance to escape from everyday life and enjoy a moment of peacefulness.

We take care

Continue your golfing journey with us in a distinct way or experience golf for the first time. Do something for yourself and let us take care of everything else.

Health & well-being

The retreats are focused on health & well-being and on improving your everyday life. We want to help you to embrace a healthier lifestyle and time out from everyday rapidness.

Did you know?

“An 18-hole round involve a 5 miles walk and quite a bit of arm exercise on the way, which will burn somewhere in the order of 1400-1500 calories.” Golf Monthly

Our retreats include

As you pour the first glass of your favorite Chianti or Chardonnay and settle into an intimate Friday evening.

Stunning locations, great hotels
Rural and peaceful surrounding Healthy cuisine based on local & seasonal ingredients

SPA & Wellness Yoga & Meditation classes Fitness and other physical activities Beautiful golf courses for all levels

Nutritional consultations with an expert* Various Workshops Wine Tours Authentic experience *Upon the request

My Story

Some say golf is not a sport. I agree. Golf is a lifestyle. I live golf, I breathe golf and I want to pass it onto you.

The longing to see and discover more was always a part of me. Sharing it with others became my passion in the meantime. As an 11 years old girl I was lucky enough to be introduced to golf. My dad, a former tennis coach, taught me the basics and directed me through long hours of training. That is how everything started.

GolfAir Travel idea has developed when I was a Golf Management student at Bournemouth University set in astonishing Dorset, Southern England. As a long time Polish National Team player I have gained buckets of experiences and grew my love for golf and traveling. Always on the way, exploring new cultures and getting to know new people I wanted to share my lifestyle with others. Fascinated about travelling I visited 29 countries by now and I don’t stop thinking about where am I going to go next. Luckily, I was able to combine my passion with my academics. I studied in England, and participated in two student exchanges in Germany, also at one of the best Sports Universities in Europe; Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln. In the meantime I had the opportunity to work within the golf industry in different places in the UK, Norway and Spain. I love how golf is broadening perspectives and opening opportunities for us, but also how it changes our perception of ourselves.

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Our retreat packages

Choose the one that fits best, or ask for your individual package.

Golf & Detox

Give your body a dose of nutritional happiness during a 4-6 day retreat.

Ladies Only Golf & Yoga

Created by woman for women to enjoy a break from everyday life and embrace a better, healthier way of living.

Golf & Wine

A combination of golf, traditional regional cuisine, wine tasting and enjoying the peacefulness of the nature.

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