Coaching with passion

My passion to coaching evolved throughout the time, as I went through a journey of competing on an international level and being coached by various coaches myself. Playing golf from the age of 11, I was lucky enough to be selected for the Polish National Junior Team at the age of 14. Between then and a decision of becoming a Golf Professional myself, I’ve realised the importnace of a fuller, holistic aproach to coaching in order to become a really good at golf. Learning a correct golf swing is certainly not enough to become the best golfers we can be, however without the corrects basic skills and technique we also won’t be able to progress.

Yoga has been introdcued to me quite early on my path during one of the National Team Camps. It has also assisted me since then (over 12 years now), until Ifinally decided to gain Yoga teaching qualifications as well. The amount of similarities between golf and yoga and how they compliment each other has lead me to combining the two and using them as a platform to teach people not only better technique, but also how to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. I personally find both golf and yoga beautiful and complex disciplines, which we can master throughout our lifetime and use to elevate our physical and mental health.

In my golf coaching, I won’t be looking just at your golf sqing, but also at the mobility and your range of movement in order to find the most healthy and sustainable golf swing for you. I love implementing the elements of yoga and fitness training to my golf lessons in order to maximise everyone’s potential.

Except of the individual and group lessons I organise ‚Intensive Golf Camps‘, which are a few days training combining the elements of golf technique, warm up techniques, course management, mental aspects of the game and even some sport nutrition tips, that can help you with becoming a better golfer and a healthier human being.

Regardless of your skill level and previous experience with either golf or yoga, I am excited to take you on the journey of growth, improvement and fun through golf, yoga, or perhaps both!

If you have any questions about my coaching methods, available packages or anything else, please don’t hesitate reaching out to me via a phone call or by sending an E-Mail.